Underground Lovers

Artist:     Underground Lovers
Album:     Weekend
VÖ:         02.08.2013
Label:     Rubber Music / Cargo Records

Underground Lovers are a band from Melbourne, Australia.

Over a decade they released 6 albums, won an ARIA, played shows in the US and UK, released records in not only Australia but the US and  UK on both indie (Shock, 4AD, Rubber) and major labels (Polydor, BMG). They were critically lauded, and universally loved.

In 2010 they reunited for a special one-off performance at Homebake. The original band lineup hadn’t played together since the 1990’s and they were pleasantly surprised with how well they were received.

In 2011 after resisting previous requests for a retrospective release, they relented and compiled ‘Wonderful Things + Everybody’s Favourite’. This led to sporadic carefully selected shows and the realisation that the band still had something to say.

The band remains the original lineup Vincent Giarrusso, Glenn Bennie, Maurice Argiro, Philippa Nihill and Richard Andrew, complemented by Emma Bortignon. They began working on the album that would become WEEKEND in 2012, recording with original production collaborators Wayne Connolly (production), Tim Whitten (mixing), and Don Bartley (mastering). Giarrusso claims the album was inspired by the energy of Jean-Luc Godard’s agit-prop 60’s cinema masterpiece “Weekend”, and the album trailer makes the connection clear. http://youtu.be/r1shnAtJak4

Multi –genre , pop , rock, wig –out , dance, romance and Hegel all competing to form a coherent whole as only the Underground Lovers can.  Completing the vision is longtime visual collaborator Matthew Robertson who has created the albums distinctive ‘ticket’ visuals.


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