Tiny Fingers

Artist: Tiny Fingers
Album: Megafauna
VÖ: 25.07.2014
Label: Anova Music

Tiny Fingers was formed in 2008 by Oren Ben David (guitar), Tal Cohen (Drums) and Boaz Bentur (bass). They all grew up in a small area in the north of Israel.  At first, the band started exploring and searching their own sound and vision. They built their own studio and just stayed there for weeks, searching. In 2010, Daniella Cecilia Turgeman (Vocals) and Nimrod Bar (Keyboards) join the band. The band’s sound and music became more powerful and massive and the band began to get a wide Spread recognition as one of the new rising bands in Israel.

In 2011, the band released their debut album- Massive Fingers Spacetrip, who got great reviews from fans and critics. The album combine instrumental and vocals. The album was ranked 6 at the Israeli top 10 albums of the year and marked the fingers as one of Israel’s leading alternative bands. Massive Fingers Spacetrip was followed by Foreign Telegrams, an album that was recorded in a single day. From the beginning the band biggest force was the live show. The Fingers live show are more than song tied up together, one after the other. It’s a journey, with Futuristic Sound and visual. The live show integrate the messy intensity of rock music with the ecstasy of electronic raves.

In summer of 2012 Daniella has left the band that continued fully instrumental. The fingers’ music experience has always been about searching. They started to experiment different ways of making music. MEGAFAUNA is a try to document and capture the energy of Tiny’s live show.
For the recording of the Album the Fingers’ got into the Studio for 3 weeks straight to build a full live set with no stops. The goal of this project was to get to a perfect level of playing the set- artistically and technically. Every sound change was to be recorded live, with no overdubs. MEGAFAUNA was recorded in a single take.

in Summer 2013 the Finger toured in Europe (Germany, Czech Republic and Poland), played with Dub Trio and in leading Israeli festivals. In April 2014 the band is going to be in Asia- China and Taiwan, and play in clubs and festivals such as Spring Scream festival and SOTX. The band is going to be playing in Europe in summer 2014.


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