Sin Cos Tan

Artist: ​Sin Cos Tan
Album: ​Blown Away
VÖ: ​01.08.2014
Label: ​Solina Records / Cargo Records

Synth-pop duo Sin Cos Tan have already two albums, a host of packed-out festival appearances and a big dose of musical experience. Finland doesn’t only have great bands to offer – the Nordic country also produces some rather fine electronic music. The perfect example for this are Sin Cos Tan; the Finnish duo consists of two already established musicians: Jori Hulkkonen who has previously put his magical producer hands on works with Pet Shop Boys´ Chris Lowe, José González and Tiga and with Juho Paalosmaa, songwriter and vocalist from Villa Nah who released one of the best albums of 2010 „Origin“.

The Sin Cos Tan duo received huge international critical acclaim for their self-titled debut album back in 2012, including a nomination for ‘Critics Choice of Album of The Year’ at the Finnish Emma-Awards. The boys chose not to rest on their laurels and released their succesful follow-up „Afterlife“ only 10 months  later including hit single „Limbo“.
From their debut album in 2012 onwards, Juho Paalosmaa and Jori Hulkkonen have established a classic partnership within the duo-format and songwriting. With two critically acclaimed albums already out and third album on the way, Sin Cos Tan is at the peak of their creative powers. No shortage of drama, intensity nor sheer pop perfection – this duo delivers. Tenfold.
Their forthcoming third album „Blown Away“ tells the story of Michael Burana: a middle-aged American man facing a dead-end job and a failed marriage. To turn his life around, Michael decides to take a trip to Mexico, where he soon discovers a new career opportunity – becoming a drug courier between the United States and South America. „Blown Away“ picks off from the sunny beaches of Mexico, and follows Michael’s journey of newlyfound excess, fast money and hedonism; all the way to the corrupted heart of Colombian cartels. Chasing the elusive American Dream, Michael’s tale is the soundtrack of a world like no other.


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