Klaus Johann Grobe

Artist: ​Klaus Johann Grobe
Album: ​Im Sinne Der Zeit
VÖ: ​02.05.2014
Label: ​Trouble In Mind / Cargo Records

After the one-two punch release of a head-turning limited 10-inch EP in 2013, followed by an equally mezmerizing 7-inch (the „Traumhaft“ single, reissued by TiM in Feb of ’14), Swiss duo KLAUS JOHANN GROBE finally unveil their full-length offering, „Im Sinne der Zeit „.

In their short existence, members Sevi Landolt (organ/synths/vocals) and Daniel Bachmann (drums/vocals) have concocted a unique sound that pulls equally from motorik krautrock, skittering post-punk, organic Brazilian grooves and glittering dancefloor strut that practically begs to MOVE you. With the ability to conjure up the ghosts of NEU!, BOB JAMES, MARCOS VALLE, SHUGGIE OTIS & STEREOLAB in the span of a single tune.

It ’s an album that begs to be flipped over and over and over. „Im Sinne der Zeit “ is a glorious creation, the kind of album that sounds and feels like it ’s floating off the grooves, alternately swaying between the fluid, jazzy, & (yes) funky rhythms & cool, deliberate mechanized grooves that squeal & squiggle with the pulse of an electronic heart.

Doubly strange is that although the duo sing exclusively in German, their tunes never seem anything less than warm & inviting, enveloping the listener in their welcoming embrace & comehither wink of the dancefloor. From the opening throb of „Between the Buttons“, to the robotic two-step of „Koffer „, the duo never lessens the intensity. While they may cool it down a bit, the grooves stay warm to the touch, culminating in the albums’s final two tracks; the dizzyingly infectious & celebratory party-closer „Regan Raus“ & the final tune, „Vergangenes“ which eases the listener into that after-hours cab-ride home.


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